Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leah's Seoul Accommodation Choice : 126 Mansion

126 Mansion B&B (Guesthouse) In Seoul
Address: 126 Palpan Dong (aka Samchung-dong), Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Website: http://126mansion.com/eng/index.html
Nearest Subway: Anguk Station
Rates: 110,000KRW for a Standard Twin Room for 2. http://126mansion.com/eng/1-2.html

I immediately fell in love with this guesthouse, which also is a cafe and a gallery. The daily room rate includes homemade breakfast - whereby you can choose between korean style or american breakfast. It's open by a pair of sisters and their mother whom I read makes very delicious korean food. From their Facebook photo gallery, their korean style breakfast looks mouthwatering delicious! Can wait to try it out myself in July!

The price seems a little bit steep for a guesthouse and it's comparable to a 3 stars hotel. However, the service of a hotel can never be as personalized and warm as the guesthouse (through my past experience). The owner of the guesthouse is very sweet and accommodating. FYI, they keep their pet Shih Tsu in the Mansion. This is a very bad piece of news for me  (terrible case of dog phobia). In my reservation email, I've informed the guesthouse owner on my phobia and their response as below :D

// Quote //

Ha ha no worries. He is just little boy, is staying with us, but during the day he goes out to stay at my sister's shop 
and at night sleeps with my mother and sister.  
I will remember the fact, and will be careful. Hope you are ok with that as well.^^  

// Unquote //

I guess the rest is up to me on how to overcome my phobia during the stay in 126 Mansion.

I will be doing a full review on the 126 Mansion after my trip to Seoul in July :)

<Picture credits to 126 Mansion>


  1. You're visiting Seoul? :) Homeland of Starcraft?

  2. I will visit Seoul this winter and yet I can't decide on which vacation rental should I get.